chill it POS

In your business or channel, beverage always available at the optimum consumption temperature.

chill It POS (Point Of Sale) combines the most efficient technology with the power necessary to supply a channel with a high level of beverage rotation, taking into account the limited space at the point of sale. No more lost sales due to lack of cold!

Who benefits?

Stakeholders span the entire chain within the beverage industry, from beverage companies, trough retailers, to the final consumer who seeks to satisfy their need under optimal conditions, always maintaining a strict focus on caring for the planet, reducing widely the amount of energy currently used to cool beverages around the world.

For beverage companies, chill it POS provides added value in all aspects:
  • Sustainability
  • Innovation
  • Exclusiveness
  • Brand image
  • End consumer loyalty
  • Bargaining power against the distribution channel

Retails improve:
  • Stock rotation
  • Increase in sales due to improvement in product quality
  • End consumer loyalty
  • Decreased electricity consumption
  • Better image in front of the client

Final consumer and society:
  • You get your product at the desired optimum temperature
  • Actively helps in caring for the environment